Ryan Moses

Address: Philadelphia, PA

Telephone: (215) 917-2926


Age: 31   Height: 6’1”   Weight: 180

Bike: Kawasaki ZX6R 636 2013

Other Sports: Ski race, Mountain bike, run.

Personal: Most of my life I’ve lived in Fairless hills, Pennsylvania.  However after meeting my wife, we moved to Philadelphia to be closer to PCOM, where Katie went on to complete her Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies.  I grew up racing 100cc karts and then moved up to 125cc shifter karts. I took a long break from racing karts to race mountain and road bicycles with a lot of success. Next I moved on to racing cars. I competed in SCCA hill climb and time attack events. The car I built was a 1988 Mazda RX7 powered by a Buick grand national V6. I bought my first motorcycle when I was 19, a 1990 Suzuki GSXR 750. Which I still have to this day! Since the first time I rode the GSXR I was in love, the sounds, smells, and adrenaline.  I’ve been dreaming of motorcycle racing for many years and finally after some motivation and guidance from family and friends, I’ve decided to make this dream a reality.  This will be my first season racing and I plan to run the Mid-Atlantic Region Road racing Championships. I’m currently building a 2013 ZX6r 636 for the 2016 season. When I’m not doing some sort of athletic activity I can usually be found in the shop working on my motorcycle.

Racing Background: I’ve always had a passion for motorsports and really every form of racing Throughout my childhood I raced 100cc karts and then moved on to 125cc shifter karts. I took a break from driving to race mountain and road bicycles. Next I went on to racing cars. I built and raced a 1988 Mazda rx7 in SCCA hill climb as well as time attack events.

2016 Goals:

  • Compete in my rookie amateur season in the Mid-Atlantic Region Championship Cup Series
  • Promote my sponsors via Twitter, Instagram, and other forms of social media.

How I will Add Value to Your Company: I am a very outgoing person. I am dedicated. I would give your company exposure at every race I go to by putting stickers on my bike, promoting via social media, having your name announced at the track in winners’ circle and by telling other riders and friends about your products/services. Once I find a company that I believe in, I become very loyal to that company. I may not be on the professional level, but if you chose to support me I will not stop promoting you. I would be an asset to your company, promoting it at the grassroots level. You will not regret having me in your corner, and I will do everything I can to promote my sponsors every step of the way!

Current Sponsors: Armour Bodies, Amsoil, Braking, GMD Computrack Boston, Woodcraft technologies Inc., Vortex, Amsoil

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